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Studying Programs in Ireland

7 Reasons to Study in Ireland

Having remained its status as one of the well-liked destinations for exploring a magnificent culture, Ireland is growing its popularity as the place for obtaining education, among international students. Whether you are interested in studying in Ireland or not, we provide you with a list of benefits for choosing a study program in any Irish university.

Increase your English fluency

Ireland is an English-speaking country, and therefore, it is a great opportunity to learn this language while studying at the university. Despite the fact that the Irish accent may be quite complex at first, you will soon get used to it. Of course, the country has its official language, Irish Gaelic, however, only a third of the population actually knows it. But if you are interested in learning more languages, there are some Gaelic language courses available at any university.

A post-study visa

What distinguishes Ireland from many other European countries is that any graduate receives a post-study visa. After completion of a study course, the Irish student is able to look for suitable jobs in the country. Furthermore, if the graduate gets a position, he or she can apply for a green card.

Home to best universities

The universities in Ireland boast excellent opportunities for education as well as incredible campus facilities. Apart from providing worthy study programs, almost every institution stands out for its own features. For instance, Trinity College Dublin takes the 131st position in the 2017 World University Rankings and has a marvelous library with a 200 000 collection of books.  At the same time, the University of Limerick offers various cultural and sports facilities. What is more, there is a diversity of internships and field study programs in Ireland.

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A large number of academic programs

A wide variety of programs is another key feature of Irish education. There are plenty of disciplines available: economics, politics, arts, music, literature, history, sports science, social science, computer engineering and many others. Also, you can choose between a semester program or a summer program and enjoy your studying.

Affordable tuition fees

Getting the education in Ireland is worthy because of the system of reasonable prices for academic programs. If you seek for affordable tuition fees, this country is ready to offer such that cover tuition, accommodation, insurance, excursions, and activities. In addition, Trinity College Dublin and many other institutions offer great scholarship opportunities, while NCI Galway or UCD have prepared discounts for any undergraduate. Obviously, it is useful for planning a student’s budget.

Adorable activities

So that students do not just focus on learning, Ireland gives them an enormous range of opportunities to spend leisure time in a perfect way. Firstly, anyone can characterize Ireland as a hospitable country, with magnificent sceneries, wonderful landscapes, and attractive culture. Secondly, it has a lot of interesting places to visit, for example, pubs where you can make friends with local people, annual carnivals like Gathering Traditional Festival in Killarney, or a storytelling event which is held by the Storytellers of Ireland. Thirdly, you can go in for sports in Ireland – there is a pile of traditional sports activities including hurling, rounders, kayaking, climbing, surfing, rugby, etc. Over and above, visit some specialty studios or shops with appealing products.

Big international businesses

Finally, the Irish students are able to obtain positions and work with well-known international businesses. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Dell and other prominent companies have offices in Ireland, so do not hesitate and test your luck there.