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Terms of Use

Welcome to our Website! Before you start using our services, please make sure to read our Terms of Use. You agree to follow the rules described in these Terms of Use (also referred to as “Terms”) by using this Website as either a guest or a registered user.

Definitions and Terms

Definitions and Terms

  • “Website,” “we,” “us,” “our” mean
  • “You,” “your” means a customer, a user, a company or any institution which is accessing the Website and its content, making orders through it or purchasing any products on the Website.
  • “Order” means an order for any services placed on the Website.
  • “Control Panel” means a user’s section on the Website where you can manage your Credit balance, orders, Bonus points, and discounts.
  • “Cookies Policy” means our policy regarding cookies.
  • “Order Form” means a registration or order form, or any other form, including the specified information.
  • “Revision Policy” means our policy regarding revisions which is described on the Website.
  • “Services” mean any writing services and other services available on the Website.
  • “Privacy Policy” means our policy regarding privacy, which is described on the Website.
  • “Referral” means new customers referred from our user using our discount code.

Any alternative words or phrases that use the terminology above in any form, including plural or singular forms, capitalization, changed pronouns, or synonyms have the same meaning.


An agreement between you and the Website is regulated by such documents as:

  • Terms of Use
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Cookies Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Revision Policy.

Our Privacy Policy regulates the use of your information and how we collect it.

The Website is designed to use cookies and other technical means in Order to process and gather your personal data. You can learn more about our Cookies Policy by checking the Cookies Policy section on our Website.

Please read our Cookies Policy, as well as provisions described in other documents listed above before using the Website and making any Orders through it.

If you use this Website, it means that you agree with these documents and allow us to use your data according to them, using the technologies described in more details in the Cookies Policy. If you disagree with any of these documents or with any conditions described in these documents, please close this page and don’t use our Website.


If you continue to use our Services, it means that you accept our rules and agree that:

  • All the information that you provide is correct and relevant;
  • You will update this information if necessary;
  • You are at least 18 years old and so you’re bounded by all the described agreements;
  • If you are older than 13 years but younger than 18, you will use our Website only under the guidance of one or both of your parents or any responsible adult who enters a legal agreement described in these Terms of Use.
  • You do not use our website and services with software or programs that help you bypass website access restrictions while you are in Australia, which will be considered as unlawful and fraud actions since our website is not available for this region according to the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Amendment (Prohibiting Academic Cheating Services) Act 2020 No. 78.
  • You must follow all applicable regulations and laws if you use our Website.

If you represent a company or an institution, as well as an enterprise, then this institution, company, or enterprise is referred to as “you” in this document. You warrant that you have a right to represent this company or organization. You accept all terms and rules described in this document as a representative of the organization, company, or other entity and yourself.

If you choose to use our Website, you agree that any Services can be terminated at any time without warning, in case you violate any of the described Terms of Use or if we decide that you don’t fit any of the warranties or representations mentioned in these Terms of Use.

Formation of the Contract

Any services and any information described on our Website shouldn’t be considered an offer but an invitation to treat.

An offer to buy any services from us is determined as your Order. By placing it on our Website, you agree to do it according to the Terms of Use and accept all the rules of purchasing our Services. You will receive a message that is displayed in the Control Panel and contains the Order number. Don’t forget that any messages, including emails, SMS, or phone calls are considered an acknowledgment, and don’t mean that your Order is accepted.

If you haven’t canceled your Order and if we haven’t notified you that your Order is not accepted, this Order is considered accepted, in case your Order has been approved. By accepting your Order, we are legally obligated to deliver the Services described in these Terms of Use.

We have a right to decide not to accept your Order for any specific reason, and in this case, we are not responsible for you or any other involved party. If we decline your Order or a part of your Order, we will make a refund for the Order or its particular section that has been rejected.


The most common type of Services available here is copywriting. This Service implies delivering original text materials written on a request of our clients according to the instructions described in the Order placed on our website.

These text materials are considered writing of a required size that describes a certain subject. All materials Are prepared by our team of professional expert writers who are familiar with various academic fields. This service includes but is not limited to: writing, copywriting, multiple choice questions, tasks associated with problem-solving, etc. Any digital text materials mentioned in this document and any other assignments written according to these Terms of Use are referred to as “Paper.”

Various tests and other similar types of assignments are processed only if such a task is specified in the Order Form. We will not complete such assignments if they require us to log in to any of your accounts.

We can edit or proofread any of your text materials, checking them for grammar, punctuation, stylistic, and spelling mistakes. We can also check your papers for plagiarism.

We are against any forms of plagiarism and we fight it in any way we can. If you submit a plagiarized paper when ordering editing or proofreading on our website, it will be considered a request for writing a new, original text from scratch. However, if our software is unable to detect plagiarism in your paper and we proofread or edit it for you, we will not be responsible for plagiarism in it.

We will deliver a paper in the format specified by you. It can be an Excel file, a Word document, or any other format supported by our writers. The format of your paper can be downloaded only after the Order is approved.

Access to the Website

We will give you all the necessary detailed instructions about your Order after you fill in the Order Form on our website.

You guarantee that all information and data provided by you is accurate and relevant. We use the information given by you according to our Privacy Policy.

Your email, login, and password, as well as other details described in our Privacy Policy,  are a part of our security policy. This information is private and you shouldn’t reveal it to anyone. We have a right to disable your password or login if you don’t follow any of the provisions described in these Terms of Use.

You are completely responsible for everything that happens with your profile. You agree to notify us if your account is used by somebody who is a third party, as well as if it’s hacked. You also agree to exit your account when your session is finished. We are not responsible for any loss of any information or other harm caused by your inability to fulfill these requirements.

Order Placement

If you decide to use our Services, you need to place an Order using the Order Form. The only way to order a paper on our Website is by filling in our Order Form. Our support agents are also able to make an order for you using the same Order Form. You must include the accurate information required for the Order in it. We stand against any forms of cheating, which is why you must provide only correct and relevant information when completing the Order Form. An incomplete Form will be considered an incomplete order, and a reason not to provide you with text materials. You are responsible for any consequences caused by the incorrect information specified by you in the Order Form.

We process personal information about you when you purchase any Services on our Website. We need your personal information to manage your Order and to be able to deliver our Services. You can learn more about this issue in our Privacy Policy.

We can send you notifications about the necessary steps you should follow to place your Order. You can receive notifications in a form of emails, SMS, or phone calls. You can also learn more about communication with us in our Communication Procedure.

During the ordering process, you can fix any mistakes in your Order until it is submitted on the Website. The Order is submitted when you click the “Proceed to Payment” button or another corresponding button in the Order Form.

The deadline timer starts after we receive the confirmation of your payment in the system and accept your Order.

Additional Services

You can order additional services when looking for writing help on our Website. You can add such extras as an Abstract page, Plagiarism report, Preferred writer, or VIP customer service.

When choosing “Preferred writer,” you can also select one of four options, such as:

  • Standard writing
  • My previous writer
  • Basic writing
  • Premium writing

If you choose the “Basic writing”, the price of your Order will remain the same. You can be sure that our writers have the necessary experience in your academic area. The “Premium writing” option will guarantee that your Order will be completed by the most qualified and the most experienced authors. If you select this option, the price of your Order will change. If you decide to include the “Previous writer” addition to the Order, you need to know your expert’s ID. You can only use this option if the deadline of the Order exceeds 24 hours. If your writer cannot take on your new order, we will find another professional writer who has the required qualification. If this writer is classified as a Premium or Standard writer, you may need to pay additional costs. If you select the “Standard writing” option, the price of your order will be lower than in case of the “Premium writing” addition. This extra also means that we will find a more experienced professional than if you choose the “Basic writing” option.

The “VIP customer service” option means that your requests and questions will have the highest priority. You will also be able to track the status of the Order by checking your SMS notifications. For example, if we found a writer for your paper or when it’s complete. We may also let you know if your writer needs to clarify any details about your assignment. This is a reason why we need you to provide us with accurate information, such as your current telephone number. Otherwise, we couldn’t provide you with the features of our VIP customer service. You can always check the price of your order by visiting the “Prices” page.

If you order the plagiarism report option, we will send you evidence of the originality of your paper. It will be checked with the professional plagiarism software WebCheck. You can find your report in the control panel. This extra also implies an increased price of the Order.

The “Abstract page” option means that the writer will prepare an original Abstract page that meets all the necessary requirements. Please check the price of this extra on the “Prices” page.

If you want to get sources used by your writer while working on your assignment, you can select the “Sources used” option on the page of your Order. If you choose this option, your writer will provide copies of the entire used sources or the used fragments. You can find the price of this option on our “Prices” page.

You can also purchase a Table of contents or an Outline. These options are available in the Control Panel. Please check the price of this extra on the “Prices” page.

If you choose the “Editor’s check” option, our professional editors will proofread and edit your paper. This option is available in the Control Panel, and its price is included in the “Prices” section.

The price of the entire order depends on the chosen extras, your deadline, the type of your assignment, its size, and academic level.

Prices and Fees

After you click “Proceed to Payment,” you will see the page of Services. Don’t forget that all our Services are prepaid. If we don’t receive your payment for any reason, your Order will be declined until we receive it. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please check the final price before you decide to make the payment.

We can ask for an additional payment or edit your Order if there are any contradictions between your instructions and requirements of your assignment. Such an order is also considered unpaid.

The final price of your order includes our Copyright License fee described in these Terms of Use.

You need to be aware of additional fees that may be requested if you select additional Services.

All prices are presented in USD on our Website. If you live in the European Union, you may need to pay VAT. It will be added to the final price of your order during the transaction. However, if local laws require you to pay VAT, you may need to pay it regardless of your location.

Our prices do not include fees of any state authorities, commissions of banks and card issuers, and any other taxes associated with the payment services and any authorities. You should keep in mind that you may need to pay such fees, taxes, and other duties if necessary.

Sometimes you can buy our Services at promotional or special prices. Such prices are available only on the terms of these specific promotions or discounts.

We have a right to decide that your Order requires a price which is different from the one described on the Prices page. In this case, you will receive a notification and we may offer you another price or fee. You can check the final fee and the final price of your Order, in the Order Form or in the Control Panel. You should know that you can always cancel your Order if you haven’t completed the payment yet.

Keep in mind that you can use bonuses from your account, as well as the Store Credit Balance, to pay for your orders.

If you want to pay for your Order using a credit card or a debit card, you should keep in mind that this card must be authorized by you, otherwise, you won’t have a right to pay for our Services this way. When using a card to pay for our Services, you need to authorize as a card user. A third-party confirmation procedure may also be required. We will not accept your payment in case a bank that issued the card doesn’t authorize your payment or if any authentication procedures are not passed.

If your card doesn’t support the currency described in the Order Form, the price for your Order will be converted to the necessary currency depending on the current exchange rate.

Fulfillment of the Order

When your Paper is ready, you can get its preview in the Control Panel. This preview in the image format is sent so that you can assess the quality of the Paper. You shouldn’t download it or use it in any way. If you decide that the Paper meets your requirements, you need to approve it. After this, you can download the original copy of your Paper.

Please keep in mind that all papers are considered approved if you don’t contact us and don’t provide any new instructions within two weeks from the day the first version was delivered to you.

When ordering proofreading or editing, please keep in mind that our editors will not change more than 30% of the original text.

Representations and Warranties

We need to make sure that you are using the Paper that you bought on our website only following all the legal norms. We also want you to be sure that our Services meet the necessary requirements and your guidelines. This is a reason why we have a system of representations and warranties which applies to both you and us.

If you agree with the Terms of Use, this means that you guarantee that:

  • You will cite any information and ideas from the Paper correctly.
  • You got acquainted with this document and carefully checked all our rules and requirements.
  • You purchase papers on our website only for quotation purposes and in order to learn how to use certain citation styles, such as Harvard, APA, MLA, or Turabian.
  • You agree that all papers are written by freelance writers. The rights to the text materials, as well as any property rights, belong to our partners.
  • You will not share, copy, post, exhibit or use these works in any other way without our written consent.
  • You agree that spends time and effort collecting information for you and preparing your papers, hence it must receive a compensation.
  • You agree to use the received Paper only for personal purposes, such as research or references. According to your type of license, you have a right to use it for non-commercial purposes only. You don’t have any intellectual rights or rights for commercial use to our papers.
  • You should provide accurate information in case you get any requests from our company in any form.
  • You agree not to submit the Paper to any college, university, or other educational institution. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any specific grade and we will not make a refund if your Paper receives a bad mark.

We guarantee that:

  • We have the necessary intellectual property rights that allow us to give you the Paper so that you can use it according to the Terms of Use.
  • We stand against plagiarism and academic fraud of any kind.

An acceptable percentage of plagiarized text in our papers is less than 10%. If there is a higher level of plagiarism in your Paper, you can make a request for a revision or a refund. Please check our Money Back Guarantee and Revision Policy. You also should not forget that properly cited elements, common phrases, and cliches, as well as any references and idioms, shouldn’t be considered plagiarism and so we don’t take them into account when calculating the level of originality.

  • We guarantee that our team and all experts will follow all your reasonable guidelines and instructions of your initial Order.
  • We guarantee that we will do the necessary research in order to fulfill your requirements and to complete your Order.


You can ask for a refund and get your money back. Please remember that we can return the money only to the initial payment source. Check our Money Back Guarantee to learn more about refunds.

Intellectual Property Rights

Paper Copyright

Our company is the only owner that holds the intellectual rights to papers written by our experts, and you can use these papers only as described in the Copyright License. You agree not to claim any rights to our materials or their copies or any materials that use our papers. You agree that this document doesn’t give you any rights to the Paper except the rights described here. You agree that all the copyrights to the Paper and any rights that you may get due to your use of the paper take effect only to our benefit.

Website Content

The content of our Website, including its source code, software, scripts, web apps, animation, design, photographs, audio, artwork, video, and HTML code is protected by the law. We possess all rights to our Website and it’s materials or have a license that allows us to use them.

All the materials of our Website are provided only for personal use of our customers and shouldn’t be used for any purposes associated with any business. You cannot publish, change, or copy any of our materials and any contents of the Website’s pages without our written consent. You shouldn’t copy, distribute, display, or alternate our materials.

Copyright License

We give you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to copy or use the Paper for your personal research purposes. You cannot use our materials in any other way without our permission.

You accept the license agreement and guarantee not to use the Paper in any way except as described in these Terms of Use. You agree that you will not:

  • sell or distribute the Paper;
  • include the Paper in other works that have different intellectual property rights;
  • share the Paper with others;
  • change anything in the Paper;
  • make publications of the Paper;
  • add your name to the Paper.

You agree to use the Paper only as an example or in order to do a research. Any fragments of the Paper used in another work must be properly cited and attributed to our Website. We want to emphasize that you shouldn’t use any of our materials to complete any tests or assignments. The Paper shouldn’t be used in order to get any grade, mark or any other achievement in the academic field.

All your rights for the Paper described in this Copyright License will be immediately terminated in case you violate any of the Terms of Use, and you will need to return or delete all your copies of the Paper on our request.

Referral Program

Our Website allows you to invite other people to use our Services. In return, we will reward you with a commission for each of their orders. You get Commission Fee if you invite a new user to according to the rules of our Referral Program and these Terms of Use.

We encourage you to participate in this Program to enjoy all the benefits of our Website. If new users use your referral code, you receive 10% of their payments on the Website.

Don’t forget that if you try to falsify our Referral Services, as well as if you violate any of the rules described here or try to commit any kind of fraud, your participation in the Program will be terminated, and it will lead to a penalty.


If you want to become a part of our Referral Program, you will need to use graphic or textual Links, which are regulated by this document. These Links will be generated for you and you will be able to check them in the Referral Section of our Website. Links help identify a user as a participant of the Referral Program. You agree that you will not change these Links when working with us and participating in this Program.


Before you invite anyone to the Referral Program, please make sure that he or she meets the following Criteria:

  • Only first-time users can become Referrals. They also need to complete registration and submit an Order Form with accurate and relevant information on their payment methods and account.
  • All Referrals should make a purchase of some of our Services. They also need to confirm the payment for our Services so that we can calculate the Commission Fee. The Commission Fee is available only if a Referral is an active user who didn’t request a refund or credit and didn’t cancel the payment or the Order. The Referral’s account shouldn’t be suspended.
  • All Referrals must register according to this document so that we can understand that a Referral was invited by you according to our requirements.
  • Referrals must read and accept all the rules and requirements of these Terms of Use and other documents described here.
  • You cannot publish your referral code on any coupon websites or other similar sources.

We will warn you if you break any of the terms described above. If such a situation repeats in the future, we will disable your membership and you won’t be able to receive any payments from your Referrals.

We may ask you to provide certain additional information if you decide to activate this Program. We need you to provide certain payment details in order to process your payments.

Payments and Commission Fee

You can use all the money earned within our Referral Program to make new orders on the website or to make a withdrawal using the supported payment systems.

The commission fee for purchases made by your Referrals is 10%. We will send you the money using international online payment systems supported by our Website. To give the complete list of supported payment systems please contact our Support team. Keep in mind that commission fees will be delivered to your account within 20 days of the next month. We also have a right to change this time frame at any moment.

Our company has a right to deny any fees associated with Referrals and discard any payments if:

  • the Referral account is involved in any form of fraud, including the use of special software that generates accounts or other fake data;
  • we see suspicious activity or any fake orders including orders made by several different profiles that correspond to the same Referral;
  • you change our Links;
  • you post your discounts and Referral codes on any other websites.


You are responsible for any taxes associated with the referral program as well as for all the commissions.

You need to provide the necessary information during the ordering process so that we can ensure fulfillment of the Referral Program regarding commissions. Thus, it is suggested that you inform us if any of your data, such as addresses, contacts, and any other information is changed.

If you want to change this information, in order to receive the Commission Fees, you need to change such information at least 15 days before the end of the current month.

You can refuse to participate in this Program if you want. We also have a right to disable your participation.

We do not encourage you to use spam messages and similar posts on social media or any forums, as well as any other inappropriate methods of promotion. If you send any emails that mention the Referral Program, they must follow all the necessary regulations, and you are fully responsible for the content of such emails. This Program shouldn’t be used for any types of cheating, and your codes shouldn’t be shared with any coupon systems.

Revision Guarantee

You can request a free revision in cases which are described in the Revision Policy.


We want to ensure easy and effective communication between us and our clients. To make it possible, please provide us with your actual contacts, such as your phone number, email, and any other contacts that can be used to let you know about our updates and special offers.

Most often, we will send you emails. You agree to receive our emails and any necessary notifications. Only you are responsible for your ability to receive calls or emails from our employees. Communications between us are regulated by the Privacy Policy.

We will use your contacts to send you requests and various messages, as well as to clarify any important information about our work and your orders.

You express your consent to receive notifications, ads, marketing and promotional materials, along with any other messages about our discounts and special offers by agreeing to this document.

If you don’t want to get emails, SMS, or other notifications from our company, please contact our Support Team representatives. As soon as we receive and process your request, we will stop sending you promotional materials. Please keep in mind that we may stop sending you these materials within 10 days from the day you contacted our team of representatives.

When you select the “VIP customer service” option, we will send you SMS with our latest updates. We will inform you when the writer starts writing your Paper and when it’s completed. We may also send notifications about other important updates.

We always follow the following rules in order to make our communications comfortable for both of us.

  • All the advertisement materials are marked as ads.
  • All the advertisement materials include such information as the name of our Website, our physical address, phone numbers, and special links that can be used to unsubscribe from our messages.
  • Our contact information that you see in our advertisement messages is available within at least 30 days from the day these materials have been sent.
  • If you want not to receive SMS or push notifications from us, please reply to any SMS with the word “Stop.”
  • Any opt-out requests and complaints will be processed within 10 days.
  • You don’t need to pay any fees for opt-out requests, complaints, or feedback.

Limitation of Liability

The Website ( is not liable for any damages associated with the use of the Website, including profit losses. Our total liability associated with these Terms of Use is limited to $500 or the sum paid by our Website to you during 3 months since the events that gave rise to the imposition of liability have occurred.

We and our partners are not liable for any immoral, illegal, or other inappropriate use of our materials. Therefore, we are not responsible for any legal consequences, plagiarism, court proceedings, or loss of a position or costs. You are completely responsible for any consequences of your use of our papers.

We are not responsible for any technical issues or postponements associated with the delivery caused by internet providers or email servers.

We are not liable if you don’t understand any of these provisions, the materials don’t meet your expectations, or our papers are used inappropriately.


You agree to keep our agents, writers, shareholders, partners, employees, offices, agencies, and representatives, as well as all third parties that provide information, free of any losses, damages, and claims associated with the text materials, including:

  • network, software, phone, internet, and email failures of any kind;
  • incorrect or unsuccessful transmission of information;
  • any losses, damages, or other consequences associated with the use of our papers and Services;
  • any problems and conditions caused by events out of our control, including incorrect or late delivery of the papers;
  • any print errors in the typographic materials.

In addition, you guarantee to hold us unharmed from any claims or demands that imply any fees imposed by any third parties associated with your use of the Website, your violation of any rules described in this document, or other actions.

Links on Our Website

You can find links to external sources and websites on our Website. If you click these links, you get redirected to other sources. You must use other websites according to their rules and terms of use. We are not responsible for any content of other websites and any transmissions and fees associated with other resources.

You can access certain third-party sources by clicking the links on our Website. These links are provided only in order for you to get certain information. We are not responsible for the content of any external sources or for any damage or losses caused by your utilization of third-party resources.

Testimonials, Feedbacks, Surveys

If you want to leave a feedback, please contact us. You agree to post your name along with your feedback on our Website by providing it.

Your testimonials and feedbacks are not confidential. We can use this information in any way. Thus, you guarantee that your testimonials and feedbacks will not contain any private data or confidential information associated with you or any third parties. You don’t have a right to any compensation for your testimonials and feedbacks.

We may ask you to assess our service by completing a survey. The questions of such surveys may address your communication with our Support representatives or questions about your Paper. Usually, we send links to such surveys within 14 days after the approval of your order.

Changes of This Document

We can make any changes in this document anytime without notifying you. You agree that you must check these provisions and its modifications from time to time. If you keep using our Services after any information here has been changed, it means that you accept all the new provisions.

This document remains in effect as long as you utilize our Website. Both sides of the agreement can terminate it at any moment by notifying another party of such termination. If these Terms are terminated, you won’t be able to receive any Commission Fees under the Referral Program and you will also need to destroy any materials received from us.

Final Provisions

This document describes the agreement between you and us. Any other information shouldn’t be trusted unless it’s described in this document.

If any of the parties cannot implement any provisions described in this document, it doesn’t mean that this or other parts of the document cannot be implemented in the future.

This document does not authorize you as a representative of our company nor does it create any kind of employer-employee relationship or business cooperation between us.

No third parties get any rights described here.

We communicate with you in the English language only. The only language except for English that is used to complete orders may be the German language.

If any authorities cannot ensure the implication of any provisions described in this document, these provisions can be changed so that they can be enforced.

Headings of this document shouldn’t be considered when interpreting the provisions described in this document and are provided only in order to make the reading of the document more comfortable.

Both you and our company accept that Terms of Use are regulated by the laws of Wales and England.

The electronic copy of this document has the same force as if signed in ink.

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