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Amabel Harvey

Amabel Harvey – experienced writer and qualified teacher

When I was a teenager I read an interesting quote “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”, which became my motto for the rest of my life. I loved to study, and always helped other to be prepared for the classes. I realized that teaching will be the best opportunity not only for my professional development, but for my personal growth as well.

Enjoying the teaching process

Today, I have been working as a teacher of Social Studies at Douglass High School in Bristol, Virginia state since 2005.I enjoy teaching my students, I hope that I give them not only necessary knowledge, but, at least, the small portion of inspiration to be actively involved in education process.

I also have got a degree in cross-cultural psychology. This helped me to create a “Successful Leadership Team ”, the online blog, which encourages the students from different countries to share their experience. Every registered user can share his/her achievements, also they can help other to defeat their weak sides and turn them into strong ones.

A thirst to the new knowledge

Working with students challenges me to gather new knowledge constantly. I decided to become a professional writer to assist students, to back them up in case of too short deadline, or overstressed situation. I’ve been working as a writer for past six years, and I can definitely say that it is my passion. It is very pleasant to receive the feedbacks from the students, who have got the best marks and magnificent comments from their teacher. Such things make me believe that I do what I need to.

Besides the school, I am also a member of scientific group at Virginia Highlands Community College. Research work is necessary if you want to deliver the decent results for your student. I’ve been awarded for the Social Studies conference in 2016. Learning is a permanent activity for me, that’s why I identify myself as a teacher, scientist, writer and persistent student.

Alongside with my career I have husband and two beautiful daughters; I believe that finding balance between your profession and personal life is really essential aspect. Without my family it would be hard for me to overcome my failures, and continue to achieve my goal. I expect that each of us can find our own way to success.