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You Can Overcome CVS if You Work on Computer Following Rules

Computer vision syndrome and its prevention

Headaches, sore eyes, neck pain are common things for people who work in front of the computer. However, there are easy steps you can follow to avoid these problems.

If you are among people with the symptoms mentioned above, then you probably have computer vision syndrome (CVS). This condition can happen to everyone, who spend more than three hours a day in front of the screen. Whether you are employee who looks at monitor for straight eights hours, student who writes an academic essay, or child who just watch cartoons, you may have this syndrome. As many as 70 million of us all over the world can face this syndrome. Some researchers claim CVS to be number 1 job hazard of this century. Still, back pain, headache do not inevitably happen to everyone, who works with computers. It`s we, who should be more careful and develop smart screen habits to avoid such problems.

There was a research in Iran, 642 students aged 11-18 were surveyed, almost 70% of them spend 2 hours a day in front of a computer. Approximately half of the students said they feel back pain, they have blurred vision, dry eyes. Long- and short-sighted students felt even worse. Most students recovered quickly, but some of them needed the whole day. It was investigated that one third sat too close to a screen.

What can be done to prevent CVS

Computer images are made of pixels and lots of tiny dots and edges are blurred, this makes our eyes work harder while reading something on a screen. Printed images are more solid in comparison. It`s difficult for our eyes to focus, then relax and refocus to get the pixels. You are to remember about the 20-20-20 rule, which tells that after every 20 minutes of computer work you should focus on the thing, which is 20ft far from your computer for 20 seconds. This is good for eyes muscles. Moreover, we don`t blink as much looking on a screen as we do it normally, so you can do it on purpose to reduce eyes irritation by moistening them. You are to choose anti-glare screens, which are good for your eyes. In addition, if you wear glasses, then choose those with glare-reducing lenses.

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The distance you sit from a screen is very important as well. It`s better to look down on a screen, so hold it 15-20 degrees below your eyes (10-13 cm), measure this from the center of a screen. Keep a screen 46-66 cm far from your eyes, if you sit closer, then your eyes will have to work harder to focus on a screen. Choose an appropriate chair to sit on, even if it`s old, your back should feel support and your feet should be on the floor. Still, you`d better choose books!