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Toying around with a new idea for starting a company? Avoid startup failures

Everyone before starting a business worries about problems, about things that may go wrong. Some may worry about making the wrong decisions.
First of all you should realize that you are not in unchartered waters for sure. There are thousands of people who were once in your shoes and are now. Some of them (not everyone of course) used their chance and brain to grow some wildly successful companies, many of which you probably have heard of or even use on a regular basis.

While working on your business plan, you should be looking for ways to raise capital and right people to help you and to hire. You should not be shy to ask for help or just simple advice. Hard research is important to get success.

Start a company with a mission and purpose

You should build a company, not just for producing some nifty product. Your business child should have a mission and direction. This will help you to hire right people, make decisions and build the whole system.

You should find a problem, some real problem, actually, to build your job around it. Focus on the problem, them find a solution. You should be really strategic.


Find your niche

Actually, the problem and course research is about that point. After you have found your unique path, there will be a niche. Don’t try to be everything for everyone that doesn’t work, never. Try to find one way, but you should do it well and your specific client will find you. In the early days, you need smaller groups of people where you can get critical mass.

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Nothing is impossible

“No” is not the answer for you. There always will be people that will pull you down saying that something is impossible. Don’t listen to them, it is no use. You can always find someone who can help you (for money or free, doesn’t matter). You should always be pushing for “Yes”.

Underestimating your potential

It is a big mistake (and very common) not believing in your success. It is wrong mood for startup. You should always be planning ahead. Do not overestimate your abilities is also important, at the same time.


Understanding your co-founders

After you launch your startup, your co-founders will be your family. Sometimes it is like to get married. So it is better for you to know each person’s goals, talk to people about everything. You should know what their expectations are.

Plan while you can, launch as soon as possible, and make changes as you go

Business it is a live organism. It should grow and change properly. Try to plan and model your business, it is always a good idea. Try to launch your product as soon as possible. Then check out the reviews.